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hi I'm Jordan, 

I have an affinity for cozy homes and my daydreams usually consist of being an artist on the coast of Italy. Art communicates through all human barriers. It is for everyone, no matter what language you speak or neighborhood you come from.

We all become who we are through moments we experience in life. These moments don't just happen, but are a result of intentional choices, whether you know it or not. I design with intentionality to speak to the sentiment of a moment you want to create. Whether it's your wedding day, or a business, I focus on the feeling you want your audience or brand to have to build an aesthetic.

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I live in a downtown apartment in the best city in the world--Richmond, Virginia, with my husband, cat, and German Shepherd puppy. I have a passion for Jesus, mental health, and my bed. Jason and I got married in a beautiful vineyard near where I grew up. Tasting beverages and going to concerts are our thing.  Little did I know, our wedding would be the catapult for my business. I hated everything I saw online for wedding invitations, so I made my own. The rest is history!

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My passion is to create designs that speak to who you are, not to go along with the trends. The "why" behind design is one of the most important things to diagnose, and I will help you do that. If you're completely overwhelmed and unsure where to go first, we can partner together every step of the way to create something so unique and beautiful.  

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