4 quick ways to improve your brand cohesion today

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You know you have the eye for your brand’s aesthetic, but sometimes putting that into practical results is really overwhelming. Here are 4 easy steps to nailing your brand’s cohesive aesthetic, that you can do today! 

1.     Edit your photos the same way every time

2.     Choose a color family: Insta stories, website, Instagram, Pinterest

3.     Instagram Highlights

4.     Cohesive fonts across all platforms


1.     Edit all of your photos with the same filter. Whether you use VSCO or any of the amazing editor apps out there, you need edit all of your photos the same way. I edit all of my photos I take myself with VSCO A6 filter and mess with the brightness and color temperature. I mostly post these on Instagram but occasionally can put them on my website because they go with all of the other professionally taken photos. I do this to make sure all of my pictures look similar and match the overall feel of what I am portraying. I like a warmer, minimalist look, so my photos are edited that way. Even if all you do is brighten your pictures, do it the same amount for all of them so that nothing looks out of place!

2.     Choose a color family to stick to in all of your platforms. This doesn’t have to be very intense. I would advise one darker or bolder color, and one or two neutrals. I like my imagery and graphics to have a light gray, taupe, and a warm mauve. Not everything I put out there is those colors exactly, but I like to stay in their families. You can incorporate these colors into everything. Putting up a story on insta? Make the text one of your brand colors! You’ll be surprised how much of a difference small things like this makes.

3.     Get branded Instagram highlights. Even if they are simply all just the same color that matches your brand, that is better than nothing. It’s really easy to create these highlights on Canva, Illustrator, or you can purchase templates online. Pick the same colors and fonts that match your website, logo and other platforms. Use shapes that you’ve used elsewhere in your branding. Simple is always better, and this little addition to your Instagram will create a very cohesive feed.

4.     Choose the same fonts across all platforms. Pick 2 fonts that you want to use and use them on everything. You can pick more, but I wouldn’t recommend using more than two in one area. Choose a header font, that is bold and makes a statement, and choose a readable body font to use for all of your smaller copy. Use these on your website, blog, email, Instagram images, Instagram stories. It also makes your life easier! No need to pick out what font looks good, just go back to the ones you use for everything. This creates cohesiveness to tie all of your platforms together under one brand aesthetic.