How to find your authentic wedding aesthetic

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There are two kinds of people. The ones that have a secret wedding Pinterest board before they’ve even been asked on the first date, or the ones that won’t dare touch any sort of wedding anything on Pinterest until they HAVE to.

Pinterest is one of my favorite tools to create mood boards for weddings, brands, or just my life. They are a double-edged sword though. They can do so much for our brainstorming process, but can also lock us in Pinterest wedding jail.

When you are planning a wedding, you have a wedding board, fill it with all of your Pinterest wedding dreams. You show your dream bouquet pin to your florist. You attempt to recreate the table settings in the pin. You send your calligrapher or stationery designer the exact pin of invite you want them to create.

This method consists of seeing something you like, and trying to recreate it, or make your vendors recreate it. To be honest, this is such a normal way of doing things! But I want to invite you to a whole new way of thinking about your wedding inspiration.

I want to first say, there is NOTHING wrong with having a board full of wedding stuff and using that as inspiration or get your ideas flowing for what you like and don’t like. My advice is to not start there.

Start with who you are. What do you like? What colors and textures are you attracted to? What landscapes do you dream of? What do you want the mood of your wedding day to be? How do you want your guests to feel at your wedding? Are there certain things that are really significant to you and your fiancé? Pin these things. Check out my pinterest boards for some examples and inspiration!

When you start with these questions, your board will start to look very different.  You might have a bunch of textures, fabrics, style, fashion, interior design, art, landscapes, people, colors, or photos that answer the above questions.

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From there, is where I would find how to incorporate those things you are attracted to, to create your own personal wedding aesthetic. The beauty of finding this aesthetic early-on is that you can carry it through every decision in the planning process you make. If you are certain on your wedding aesthetic, then it will be so much easier to make decisions as well, because you already know what you’re going for.

Sure, you’re going to have plenty of wedding pins, and that is great! But ask yourself, how will you incorporate some of the inspiration you curated for your aesthetic and infuse that into the weddingy pins that you love.

Do you love an organic, farm feel, with lots of warm light? Instead of trying to portray this by sending your designer a picture of an already designed invitation suite with an earthy-looking barn on it, you could talk to them about how you want to use handmade paper to set the tone for guests to come into this intimate and rustic experience for your wedding day.

Those little tweaks make your wedding more unique to you, but also makes it feel way more special. There is so much amazing content out there to use as wedding inspiration, but keep it as inspiration, and let your creative brain take it a step farther to make it more YOU. Because no one else’s love or wedding or marriage is the same as yours, and neither should your wedding aesthetic be either.