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branding that goes deeper

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not only a brand designer, but a strategist

jordan crafts brands that communicate your values without saying a word



your brand can make or break your business success

That is why i think it is the most vital thing to invest in for your business. when you know where your brand is going, you know where you are going. when your brand knows who it is, you book the clients of your dreams. 

how do i design brands?

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we start with an in-depth look at your current business and talk through your future goals. i like to know your brand like the back of my hand and help guide you to have focused values. it is here we establish your "why" and study your ideal client. 

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we clarify how to speak to your audience and serve their needs by strategic methods of marketing and business. we set monetary profit goals and how we will achieve those. we go in depth on how to rise above your competition. 

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we create highly elevated and sophisticated brand identities that attract and establish you as a respected brand in your industry. we focus on cohesive, emotive identities and collateral that fits your vision perfectly.



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