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Wedding Stationery

your story translated to paper

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so, you're engaged. Congrats!

But now you're wondering: where do I even start? 

You're in good company. Here's the low-down on all things wedding stationery. 

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Semi Custom wedding Stationery

A set of 6 invitation suites that are thoughtfully designed and created for you to customize and make your own. It's the indecisive person's dream. 

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The custom Experience

An experiential process of determining your story and how to translate that to paper. It's a collaboration that starts from scratch to design stationery you've never seen on Pinterest.  

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wedding day services

You know, all the things you need for the day-of. Not sure what those things are? I spell them out for you here. 


Have questions?

keep scrolling to see common questions and the shop policies

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Can I mix and match the types/colors of paper in my suite? 

Absolutely! I would actually recommend it! I love the look and many of the suites have been made to do this. Ask me for advice on what colors and papers to mix and match!

Am I allowed to change parts about the artwork on the semi-custom suites?

The artwork on these suites are original paintings and drawings. Due to the nature of the artwork created on these designs, you cannot change any of the artwork or its colors. The customization options are on the individual product pages.

Can I change the wording on my paper goods? 

Yes! You can choose to use what's already there or send me the specific wording you want when you book!

Can I use parts of the design to make my own programs, signs, etc. for my wedding? 

Artwork cannot be used without permission and release from the artist. If you have a specific idea, let's talk about it and I can invoice you accordingly.

Can I get a sample invitation to see before I book? 

You can purchase sample suites in the "Add-Ons" part of the shop. They include the sample information, text, and wording. If you'd like a specific paper or color, reach out to me and I can make that happen!

How long does the custom process take? 

It really depends on what you are looking for! I do like to have 4-6 months to work together so we don't have to rush to create something.



Shop Policies: 

-Semi customs include one round of revisions before print. You may also purchase more revisions if needed. Communicate revisions all at once instead of little things, here and there. 

-Any changes to quantity, color, or items after contract is signed is subject to additional charges and will not be refunded. 

-All clients are responsible for checking for any mistakes on their design, spelling, addresses, and/or color and paper size. Clients are asked to sign final approval form where they can double check everything. After signed, Jordan Cotton is not responsible for mistakes or reprints because of mistakes.

-Calligraphy addresses are done by hand so will not all look the same, or perfect. We love this! But know that each one could be slightly different. Due to the reality of human error, sometimes mistakes are made when addressing. I triple check all of the envelopes before they come to you, but if there is a correction that needs to be made, I will readdress and send it to you. If the mistake is on your original list of addresses, then you will be charged accordingly. 

-Due dates and order timelines are very important to us, but sometimes due to a busier season, production could take longer than usual. Timelines and availability of the artist will be discussed before booking. Major changes to design or print will delay your order.

-We cannot guarantee any delivery dates once your products are in the mailing system. Shipping times can vary and Jordan Cotton is not responsible for damage or delays by the USPS or FedEx. 

-Since the nature of our work is handmade, we do not offer refunds on any calligraphy or custom orders. 

-All sales are final once approval is signed. Any changes after that will be at the responsibility of the client and will be added to your final invoice.