But how do you translate that into a brand that actually resonates?

Maybe you've tried to DIY your design but ended up with a brand that doesn't truly represent you. You just want to cut through the noise and be noticed by your ideal clients, but how your business is being perceived isn't aligned with your vision and values.

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The Brand Foundation Intensive

how it works

You open another email from a potential client letting you know they've gone with someone else, yet again.

You are embarrassed to send potential clients to your website because it doesn't align with how you want your brand to feel.

You've tried to piece together a brand on your own, but nothing looks cohesive. It's like a puzzle where the pieces don't quite fit.

You have a discerning eye but don't know how to translate that to your own brand. It feels too close to home.

You're so caught up in the day-to-day with clients that finding time to revamp your brand seems impossible.

You keep getting frustrating inquiries from unideal clients that aren't willing to pay your rates.

finally be able to:

  • have a cohesive brand that gives you the confidence to show up fully in your business
  • be in control of how your audience actually perceives you
  • ditch the diy canva logo that you grew out of two years ago

You gain an art director, a branding expert, and a design partner rolled into one, focused solely on bringing your unique brand story to life.

all-access partner


One-on-one collaboration that turns the branding process into a deeply personalized and swift journey that is connected to your unique vision and goals.

without the wait

 We focus on creating a cohesive, distinct brand identity and online presence in just one week, ensuring you're ready to attract your ideal clients and stand out in your market.

dedicated time

A dedicated week where your vision becomes the center of our world. A fast-tracked branding experience tailored specifically for creatives.

The Brand Foundation Experience

The same Cotton Design Co. brand experience, just condensed to give you the essentials. 

After working in branding for 7 years, I have developed a passion for design but also a deep understanding of the creative entrepreneur's journey. I've crafted The Brand Foundation Intensive to address the unique challenges you face as a business owner, especially when you're starting out. I combine strategic insight with an artful approach, ensuring your brand not only stands out but truly resonates with your ideal clients. With years of experience and a heart to see you succeed, I'm here to guide you through this branding journey and committed to bringing your vision to life.

How it works:

  • We will have a prep call to clarify objectives, discuss insights from the discovery phase, and confirm the creative direction. This ensures we're perfectly aligned before the design work begins.

discovery + prep call

  • Kick off with a detailed questionnaire to delve into the essence of your brand, mapping out your vision, values, and the unique story you want to tell. This foundational step ensures every element of your brand aligns with your business goals.

Experience the creative process as your brand's visual identity takes shape. We'll develop a mood board, select your brand's color scheme, and choose fonts that speak to your brand's personality.

creative direction

Your brand's identity comes to life with the design of a main logo, submark, and alternate logo, tailored for various applications including social media, ensuring a versatile and cohesive brand presence. We'll collaborate closely, refining concepts and making adjustments in real time through scheduled calls until we get it just right.

logo + identity creation

Get ready to introduce your refreshed brand to the world with 5 custom Instagram launch graphics, accompanied by a step-by-step guide for a successful brand launch, making sure you hit the ground running.


From the Portfolio

past brand foundation projects

What's Included

Dedicated time from the studio for one week

Logo files packaged up in multiple file types

Launch Prep Guide

Brand Mood Board

Creative Direction Presentation

Discovery Questionnaire and Homework

1 Hour Prep Call

Brand Colors

Font Selection (Header, Sub-Header, and Body)

Main Logo, Submark, Alternate Logo

Brand Style Guide

5 Instagram Launch Graphics

You have specific and significant goals such as attracting a completely new audience or a launch income goal to hit, and need more specified and deep strategy applied to the backend.

You have a hard time making quick decisions and need time to sit with things.

You crave a very hands-on and long process of working together.

You have been in business for a long time, have even hired a designer to do your brand before, and may need more in-depth help this time around.

Who this is best for:

You need the essential, foundational parts of a brand and don't need a longer, more in-depth brand strategy in this stage of your business.

You don't have the budget to do a more extended comprehensive branding experience. Maybe you're just starting out, or have never invested in your business before. This is a perfect place for you to start!

You crave an efficient process that doesn't have an extended timeline and can make decisions quickly.

This intensive style project is designed for people that feel like they needed their branding done yesterday. They are ready to make quick progress forward. 

It may not be the right fit if:

The Details


4 spots left for Q2!


1 week

(50% due to reserve your spot)


Need a Website too?

Custom Website

A completely bespoke website design process where every piece is uniquely designed for you and your business. Uniqueness and impact are your goals with your website and you're ready to make a big splash with a one of a kind design.

Add Ons:

Shopify Intensive

Many clients need help implementing their new brand into a web experience to round out their rebrand to have the most impact. Let us know if you are interested in adding on a website design!

A two week E-Commerce website service to either transfer your site to Shopify or get your shop going on the platform. A great way to get your shop up and running on an incredible platform!





Web Intensive

An abbreviated web design service to put your brand on display with a simple, effective web design that communicates with clarity. Perfect for the new business owner, or someone short on time to put together a site themselves.

service based




Your Questions Answered:

How does the one-week timeline work?

We start with a discovery questionnaire and a prep call to align on your vision. During the week, we collaborate closely with real-time feedback and edits, ensuring a swift yet thorough transformation.

Will I have direct input during the design process?

Absolutely! Collaboration is key. We'll have scheduled calls during the week to discuss feedback and make live edits, making sure the final output perfectly aligns with your vision.

What if I need more than what's included?

The Brand Intensive covers a comprehensive suite of branding elements. If you require additional services, we can discuss custom additions to suit your needs!

Is there a payment plan available?

Yes, we offer flexible payment options to make the Brand Intensive accessible. Let's discuss what works best for you.

What do I need to prepare before the Brand Intensive begins?

A mindset ready for transformation! Plus, after booking, you'll receive a detailed guide on how to prepare, including completing the discovery questionnaire.

I am so excited to bring my first child into the world this summer and will be on leave until the fall. My books will open again starting in October 2024 on a first come-first serve basis. Fill out this inquiry form to get on the waitlist and I will be reaching out to book a discovery call in September.  This is the perfect time to get on my schedule if you want to finish your branding or website project by the end of the year!

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