We create websites that are a nice place for your brand to land, welcoming your client's in. 

Your website is the first impression of your potential customer, and it takes seconds for them to click away. Does it do your beautiful brand vision justice? Or does it fall flat? We craft websites that are effective and aligned with your brand to make sure your audience stays scrolling.

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An abbreviated web design service to put your brand on display with a simple, effective web design that communicates clearly. Perfect for the new business owner, or someone short on time to put together a site themselves.


Web Design

The custom website


The web intensive

Where your brand makes itself at home. Your website will be the place for your newfound brand identity to live, and welcome all of your visitors.

Who this is for:

A completely bespoke website design process where every piece is uniquely designed for you and your business. Uniqueness and impact are your goals with your website and you're ready to make a big splash with a one of a kind design.

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Who this is for:

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the details

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You crave a long, strategic process that allows for time to consider options and to collaborate with a designer.

You have been in business for a while and need to completely overhaul your website with a lot of custom elements that are highly unique. 

You tend to hire experts to do accomplish the pieces of your business that aren't in your wheelhouse, such as web design. 

You aren't new in business and see the value that a fully comprehensive web design has and therefore you have the budget for investing in a custom site.

You need a lot of pages, customizations, integrations, and highly detailed pages that are infused with strategy at every point.

You are a quick decision maker and crave an efficient process that doesn't have an extended timeline.

You needed your website redone yesterday. You are ready to make quick progress forward and have your site up ASAP.

You have been trying to DIY your own site and are lost. You can't waste your time trying to do this on your own anymore. 

Maybe you're just starting out, or have been DIY-ing everything.  You don't have the budget nor the time for a custom website right now.

You need the essential of a website with basic strategy, no more than 5-6 pages, nor extended customizations in a site in your current stage of your business.

That is okay! I love helping people tease out where their business needs some support, so schedule a call, free of charge, and we can chat through the package options and which would be best for you! 

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Web Intensives

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Confidently sending dream clients to your site that proudly showcases your work to potential clients.

Cringing every time you send a potential client to your website, knowing it doesn't do your expertise justice.

To this:

Go from:

Not everyone needs a custom website to be successful.

Delight your audience with a website that guides them seamlessly toward engaging with your content and services.

Your website feels like a maze, leaving visitors confused and clicking away in frustration.

Leave behind worrying about staying current. We specialize in cutting edge, yet timeless design that aligns with your brand and goals. No more chasing trends.

Keeping up with the latest web design trends feels like chasing a moving target, leaving your site feeling outdated.

Balancing your creative projects with the technical aspects of website design leaves you feeling overwhelmed and out of your depth.

No more endlessly tweaking or wasting your time DIY-ing your site. Reclaim your time and energy as we handle all the technical intricacies of website design, allowing you to focus fully on what you do best.

Web Intensive Project Highlight


Content + Copy Guide 

Site Map

Web Strategy Questionnaire 

1 Hour Prep Call

Mobile-Friendly Design

"How to Use Your Site"  Tutorials

Domain Transfer

1 week post launch email support

Includes Showit, Shopify, or Squarespace Template

Option to add on a blog

If you would like to add on a blog design and/or have us migrate your current blog, we can absolutely help with this for an additional fee!

For web intensives we utilize high-quality website templates that are purchased on the client's behalf to act as the "bones" of the site that we highly customize. We will chat about which template is right for you and your needs during your prep call! 

We always recommend hiring a copywriter before designing your website, but if you want to write your own website copy, we provide a copy guide to help aid you in writing the copy for your site. *Please note that all copy and images are due ahead of your Web Intensive week.*

Up to 5 pages designed + developed

Ecommerce: Up to 20 products included

What's Included:

Shopify Intensive

for ECOMMERCE shops

for service based businesses

+ $800




Web Intensive

*All content including copywriting, lifestyle images, gallery images, etc. are due before the project start date. Failure to do this will result in a project reschedule for a fee.

2 weeks


The Brand Foundation Intensive

A branding intensive experience to elevate your presence, captivate your audience, and gain credibility in your industry in one week.

1 week




The Brand Deep Dive

A bespoke, strategy-driven brand experience aimed to elevate your unique brand above the noise and press you to the forefront of your industry.

4 weeks

Add on a Blog:



1 week


Add on a Blog design and/or get help with the migration of your current blog!

*All content including copywriting, lifestyle images, product images, descriptions, etc. are due before the project start date. Failure to do this will result in a project reschedule for a fee. 

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We extensively prep to align with your project vision and address all goals. Throughout the week, we collaborate closely with real-time feedback and edits, following a specific daily agenda to efficiently complete the entire site.

For Shopify sites, we have a 2 week timeline due to the tedious nature of E-commerce and getting products into a site. 

How does the one week timeline work?

Of course. We will have scheduled calls during the week to discuss feedback and make live edits, making sure the final site perfectly aligns with your vision and goals. 

Will I have direct input during the design process?

Absolutely! Many clients add a blog. We can transfer your existing blog or create a new one for an additional $800, factored into your week. For more than 5 pages, let us know and we can add on page and adjust the quote accordingly!

Can I add on a blog or more pages than the 5 offered?

You'll need your web copy and images ready. This ensures adherence to the timeline and precise site design. We provide a copy guide in advance to assist with writing, or you can hire a copywriter. You will also need to complete the discovery questionnaire ahead of your design week! 

For E-Commerce sites, you will need all of your product images, descriptions, and info ready ahead of your design week.

What do I need to prepare before the Web Intensive begins?

Copy and images are integral to your website and brand. Having them ready allows us to stick to the swift timeline. I design the site precisely to your content, which produces an overall more effective website. A copy guide ahead of time to help you write your copy or you can hire a copywriter.

Why do I need copy and images ahead of time? 

A 5% fee applies if you need to reschedule due to content, copy, or images not being ready on time, as outlined in the contract. Due to the intensive nature of this offering and our fully booked schedule, rescheduling affects our calendar significantly.

With that said, I understand that life happens, and extreme situations will always be handled with grace. Honest communication is crucial in such situations.

What is your reschedule fee and how does that work? 

Utilizing templates for this offer allows me to work quickly using the “bones” of a template to design a really effective website for you. The template is just that—the bones, therefore your site is completely customized to uniquely show off your brand. The goal is always for your site to look and feel like you, not a template. We utilize templates from  Tonic and Northfolk for Showit and e-commerce Shopify templates from their  Theme Store.

Why do you use templates for Web Intensives? Will my site just look like a template? 


your questions answered


Custom Web Design

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Custom Website Project Highlights


emily warden designs



Jordan Katz

Our custom websites are made from scratch with endless design possibility. Custom sites are created on either Showit for service-based businesses or on Shopify for e-commerce shops. Due to the highly customizable nature of this service, no two projects have the same needs, therefore each custom website will be quoted individually based on your specific wants. Most custom websites take around 3-6 months to complete and the investment ranges between $8,000-$15,000.

If you are interested in learning more, kindly fill out the inquiry form and we can set up a time to meet and talk through the nitty gritty of your project.